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Michael Neal is a web developer and photographer from the Northern Virginia area. He has 14 years experience in web development including planning, extensive client interaction, AGILE/SCRUM, web design, graphic design and software development. Michael possesses professional level skills in photography, videography/cinematography and film editing.

People have all kinds of hobbies like restoring cars, following sports or fishing. Michael produces small indie film projects on weekends. He has lead and collaborated with a team of 30 people as a producer and director on the web series Swords of Insurgency as well as other projects in development such as the Arcane Wars.

There is a reason he is drawn to the arts, creativity runs in Michael's family. Cousin Charles Bonniwell, Jr. was an Assistant Director for the Twilight Zone TV series among other productions; Scarecrow (1973), Cinderella Liberty (1973), Bite the Bullet (1975), Act of the Heart (1970), Name of the Game (1969), and many more. Cousin Sean Bonniwell, was one of the fathers of psychedelic and punk rock, singing for The Music Machine (1965– 1969). Michael's skill with a variety of visual arts styles compliment each other whether it be designing web pages, finding the perfect composition for a portrait or filming a dramatic action scene.

Recent Projects

Swords of Insurgency

Michael launched the first episode of his post-apocalyptic web series Swords of Insurgency in July which was followed up by a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund 2 more epsiodes.

Judo and JuiJitsu

Michael put together a collection of some his favorite shots from Martial Arts photography he has done. This album contains examples from both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo classes in the Northern Virginia area.